{Celebrate} – Hosting A Baby Sprinkle

How To Host A Baby Sprinkle

Everyone has heard of a baby shower, but what about a baby sprinkle? Sprinkles sound like a delicious desert topping or a slight prelude to summer rain.  It actually is a “slimmed down” shower for Moms who are expecting their “nextborn” child. Usually after the first baby most of the major essentials are covered, so a sprinkle  is often given when the expected little one is of the opposite sex of their siblings or when their is a time gap between kids, because all babies are an occasion to be celebrated!

A sprinkle is simpler, smaller and more intimate than a shower but by no means are they any less meaningful or special than original baby showers. They should be treated as a way to reconnect with family and friends and most importantly express your love, support and excitement all over again.

Tips for planning a baby sprinkle:

  • It is important to let guests know that it is a sprinkle. Including an explanation of a sprinkle on the invitation will help guests understand that this is an event about “sprinkling” the baby and expectant mom with little gifts
  • The invitation is also a good chance to let guests know what is needed for the new baby or have a gift giving theme such as bath time, bed time, dinner time or pamper the expectant mom with spa gift certificates and small luxury items to make her feel fabulous
  • Have fun with the sprinkle theme. Use cupcakes with sprinkles, have a dessert bar with sprinkle toppings, go with a   spring/summer rain shower theme using soft blue/green colors or have a winter theme with a snow sprinkle, since sprinkles are about small gifts go with a small theme and have finger foods, small favors, etc.
  • Whether guests bring gifts or not, a thank you note should still be sent. A nice touch would be sending a  thank you note and birth announcement in one with a photo of the newborn.


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